Best AR 15 Trigger

AR 15 triggers are very easy to use and also are very effective. It is like the trigger ‘whispers’ to the gun on when it is supposed to fire a shot which is very cool for gun fanatics. This trigger makes the shooter feel like he or she has complete control over the gun and this is very good. The TacCon Auto Trigger did a good work in coming up with these triggers. A shooter needs to have a lot of confidence in the trigger and knowing that you are in control of the gun, you are more likely able to get more hits in a shootout than when you are not sure of the trigger which you are making use of. The packaging of this trigger contains two tiny foam pads which are placed at the bottom in order to hold the trigger into place and also so that they may add some of the upwards pressure which is needed by the trigger pins so that they do not end up falling out. This article will cover some of the Best AR 15 trigger.

ar15_triggerOriginal Mil-Spec Factory Trigger

It gets a little difficult for one to know how to make use of this trigger especially if he or she has bought it from a manufacturer that has a little or no information concerning the parts of Mil-spec. however, the way this specific trigger has been designed makes it easy to learn. The weight is also appropriate in that it can not get fired without one intending to. This is because the trigger itself is not to light so there will be no unintended shots fired.

ALG Defense Enhanced Triggers

This type of AR 15 trigger has the same geometry like the mil-spec kind but the quality is a little higher. These types of triggers have a hardened sear contact that is smoothened out so as to get rid of any grittiness. It has a boron and nickel coat which acts as a lube for the trigger making it much smoother and comfortable to the user. This is a very good bet for people who love original manufactured triggers.

ar-15Timney Drop-in Module

This is a single stage trigger. With it, there is no much movement involved. All that one has to do is to move the trigger and have a clean and crispy shot. The fact that the trigger is modular means that all its components are encased in aluminum housing. An added advantage of this type of trigger is very easy for the user to install it on their gun. All the pieces and the parts needed are in one unit which simply gets dropped easily into place. When it comes to the pins and the hammer, the Timney makes use of the ones that your old gun already has in place. There is no use for special pins. The Timney trigger can not be adjusted and its weight is noticeably less compared to other triggers. The reset of this trigger is very short and fast. This simply means that one can get to fire continuous rounds without moving their fingers much.